Historic, Iconic – and Fun!

Suzy Menkes explains Pucci's charm

Archival pieces on display at Palazzo Pucci

Like a colourful chocolate box trussed up for presentation, the vivid colours and patterns of a Pucci scarf stand out against the towering dome and marble façade of Florence’s Duomo.

Only “Emilio” scribbled on the colourful covering of the Baptistery reveals the story to bemused tourists.

Monumental Pucci is an artwork to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Firenze: Hometown of Fashion. Its origin is an actual scarf designed by the Marchese Emilio Pucci in 1957, with a print of an aerial view of the Piazza San Giovanni.

Inside the Palazzo Pucci, where I still remember meeting Emilio himself, dressed in his Florentine costume for a parade, his daughter Laudomia, CEO and keeper of the Pucci flame, told me the story. Read more..