The sweet honeycomb shoes of Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen’s honeycomb shoes

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]t HK$31,500 a pair these soaring curved wedges from Alexander McQueen now in Lane Crawford make a statement that’s a perfect demonstration of the label’s fashion-forward aesthetic. With the honeycomb cut-out pattern the shoes manage to be both sexy and cute in the same breath. From May 15 the brand has been equipped to ship to 100 different countries, with a new-look website to assist effective browsing (and drooling at the gorgeous designs). The move increases the number of countries where a McQueen can come in the mail by 70. Customers from Australia, Japan, Canada, India and South Korea (but not Hong Kong on last check) will be able to shop online from the first time. The shipping expansion coincides with the launch of several new localised-language versions of the site, allowing customers to browse in French, German, Italian and Japanese. And McQueen’s female fans are not the only ones being looked after. Alexander McQueen’s new shop on Savile Row now offers a bespoke service, as befits its location in London’s made-to-measure heartland. The bespoke tailoring takes from eight to ten weeks to complete but those who want something faster can opt for the customisation service that produces a made-to-measure suit from three styles – classic peak, notch and DB – within six weeks.