No aspect of the human anatomy has been left unadorned since jeweller Stephen Einhorn left the ad, film and pop video industry in 1995 and started crafting bespoke pieces for private clients with discerning tastes. Well, the company tagline is ‘designed for the individual’.

If asked Stephen Einhorn will make 8 carat Yellow Gold and Tsavorite nose studs for both sexes. Earlobe stretching flesh tunnels in Sterling Silver and diamonds for ladies and gentlemen. Belly button decals in red gold and cold enamel for lasses and lads. White Gold nipple rings for girls and boys alike. Platinum Prince Alberts … oh, definitely one for the guys.

“I just made a charm bracelet for a customer in Toyko and the charm was a fetish object” Einhorn laughs. “I had to craft a tiny whip, which sort of made sense as it was going to be suspended from a chain. You have to be careful though which metals to use, in case there’s a… intimate reaction.” Which isn’t to say that all Einhorn’s customers walk on the wild side.

For every young groover there’s a CEO or superstar wanting a unique wedding ring, Gothic earrings or memento necklace that’s an in-joke for partner, family and friends. “And bespoke anklets are making a comeback” Einhorn says. “Luxury the observer has to actually look for is quite a witty concept.”

His pearl necklaces are already big with Asian brides and he’s made limited edition key rings for Japan’s Bathing Ape boy Nigo. “And stuff for H. Naoto – I’m familiar with the territory. Asian designers hang out here when they’re in London or we work online, sending beautifully rendered drawings back and forth.”

With extravagant pieces for Charlize Theron and other movie stars already shipped, Einhorn has a waiting list and then some. But he’s worth it if you crave that very personal piece, be it for your finger, throat or somewhere way, way, way down south.

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