Stop chortling at the back. At Rigby and Peller, purveyors of lingerie and nightwear to Her Majesty, the Queen, bespoke bras are a serious business. As Lucy Mullaly, seamstress at R&P’s Knightsbridge outlet, explains, “Customers include ladies whose shape cannot be catered for by existing stock. Some are smaller than our size range, either in the bust or the frame. Some may require additional support such as wider, softer straps, front fastening clasps or higher necklines. Also certain women are looking for a specific style or colour – something unique to them.”

As every woman knows, regardless of cup size, an ill-fitting bra can be hell. Rigby and Peller not only promise to eliminate the torture and attacks on body confidence – “When a bra is exact, the band will be firm enough to support the weight of the bust, lifting to create a great silhouette as well as relieving any back, shoulder or neck discomfort” – but they will do so with great panache.

“We stock a wide variety from heavily embroidered and elaborate laces to smooth, sheer fabrics” Mullaly continues. “The fabrics are both beautiful and top quality. When using sheer lace we will line the panels of the bra with a rigid mesh to ensure the finished garment is both strong and durable. We offer couture and construction.”

Each garment takes approximately six to eight weeks to complete depending on complexity. Customers attend two fittings with a Senior Fitting Consultant and a Corsetiere. At the consultation special requirements are discussed, measurements taken and the fabric library raided for colour, style and materials.

The second consultation is approximately a month later, when the customer tries on the unfinished garment. Any final amendments are made. The bra is then finished by the corsetiere and is ready for collection or to be delivered.

Anything else? Oh yes. “We recommend that you are refitted every six months. Women’s bodies constantly change and fluctuate in size – age, hormones, exercise, illness and pregnancy to name a few reasons.” But don’t imagine it’s a chore. “We always ensure that the process, including the initial consultation and follow up fittings, is a wonderful experience. Rigby and Peller ladies are thoroughly spoilt.”

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