Prada to a T

The Devil wears T-shirts?

When it comes to Prada neither snow, rain, traffic, Bolsheviks or 12cm heels will prevent The Fashionable Truth’s Jasmine Vispi from reaching the FROW. Here she reports on Miuccia Prada’s Fierce Creatures:
“To get to Prada was a mess. The rain had given us a break, but the traffic was murder. – Il Tutti Blocante, as Milan’s taxi drivers like to say as they chuckle at the mega Euros on the meter.

Shows were running late and due to the weather the city was in a state of confusion (when is it not?) but spirits were high, so I jumped from my cab and started running, as my phone began to ring. My friend had already arrived at Prada and wanted to warn me about protestors, which, trust me, after the mayhem at Just Cavalli I had no time for! But true to her word, the enraged had camped outside the venue in t-shirts, with placards that read “Prada Killer…No Furs!”

So there I was, dressed in over-the-knee silver mink to protect me from the cold, and they have the courage to call Miuccia Prada a killer… wearing T Shirts! I mean you must be joking! I was only glad, when I came out and it started snowing that I was nice and warm in my mink and ready for what the evening had to offer me.

When I finally got inside at Prada, I was offered vodka on the rocks and something to eat. I was unsure about the vodka, because they had an orange drink that looked a lot more fun (which they served as we departed). The interior of the space was dressed as a warehouse, which is high-concept post-modernism at its best, the space itself already being a warehouse. It was a bit like dressing up San Siro stadium as a football ground, but a least I had a great seat and could actually see the clothes, essential in my line of work.

Music, lights, and 35 minutes late…la femme fatale a la Prada took her first steps and according to her creator, she wanted the collection to seem affordable, although there was a coat with crocodile sleeves and a fur insert that would have cost me my Italian pension plan. Miuccia Prada, calls her 2013 Fall Winter collection ‘raw-romantic!’ And trust me, it was raw, just the wet hair said it all, but then if you took a closer look it was more than that! It was the raw-mantic woman, but also hard…maybe even angry.

Slip dresses with fur coats on top, mixes of day and night put together… And welcome back Doris Day, of 2013, every bit the famme fatale that MP had in mind, but with one major difference, this collection is so commercial and will fly out of stores. I also enjoyed seeing the models -Kirsten Owen, Maria Carla Boscolo, Adriana Lima and Jessica Stam. Totally cool. My verdict? A blockbuster show. Oh yes and the shoes, take a look, we like (so fb, which I don’t have!!!)

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