Perrier-Jouët brings bespoke to champagne

Perrier-Jouët makes some very fine champagne and has been doing so for two centuries, 2014 being the 203rd anniversary of the maison, which is based in the French Champagne town of Epernay.

For everyday drinking there is Grand Brut. For a special occasion, like a wedding, connoisseurs can chose Belle Epoque, as Prince Albert of Monaco did for his recent marriage to Charlene Wittstock. But for an occasion that is beyond special, Perrier-Jouët will create bespoke champagne that is wholly unique. Those with enough self-confidence and net worth to want their name on a special cuvee can travel to the brand’s champagne cellars, for its ‘By & For’ programme, whereupon they will be given access to Perrier-Jouët’s chef de cave, and he sets about making their hand-tailored bubbles.

After an extensive sampling of existing Perrier-Jouët vintages, to determine the unique “measurements” of each client’s taste and aesthetic sense, the chef de cave starts his special kind of tailoring using a neutral blanc de blanc 2002 vintage as his base fabric, to which he adds a variety of accent notes. The end product is unique champagne designed to appeal specifically to a single client’s palate. The fine wine is then left to mature for eight full months. Perrier-Jouët is cagey about the price for bespoke-but for those who find tailored champagne to be still too accessible there is always the maison’s 1825 vintage, of which only two bottles remain. The last was opened in 2009, when it was proclaimed to be addictive with notes of truffles and caramel. Now that was a vintage where the cloth was cut to last.

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