What do an astronaut, an Oscar winner, an Olympic Gold medalist, and James Bond have in common? This question may seem like a set up for a terrible joke, if it weren’t for the fact that Buzz Aldrin, George Clooney, Michael Phelps, and James Bond are all ambassadors for the Biel/Bienne-based Swiss watch brand, Omega.

Professionals across different fields turn to this trusted name simply because it has earned a reputation for its precision and unrivalled accuracy – a standard that has been set since its inception in 1848. While Omega started off producing key-wound pocket watches, the then-23-year old Founder, Louis Brandt, also dedicated years to perfecting the mechanics behind time-telling.

This is why Omega is perceived as a professional luxury watch worn by the best of the best in the most enviable of professions, rather than a glamorous, leisurely, women-friendly watch. That all changed in the 1950s, a time in history that truly empowered women, fostering a sense of strength, femininity, and glamour.

Omega was quick to catch on to this, and in 1955, launched its Ladymatic line – designed to appeal to women, while still bearing the precise mechanics which made it appeal to men. The Ladymatic line was made to celebrate the 1950s, an age where glamour was a staple and grace, a given. Today, the Ladymatic line resurrects the “illustrious” past through beautifully crafted timepieces with the use of the most delicate and coveted materials, such as a mother-of-pearl marquetry for the face of its dial, complimented and framed by a total of 399 diamonds, and a delicate dose of 18K red or yellow gold to top off the design.

The Ladymatic also features Omega’s OMEGA Co-Axial calibre 8421, a signature of all its watches. Though some may say that the combined star power of astronauts, Oscar winners, and athletes whom Omega has enlisted may outshine the watches themselves, the Ladymatic hold its own, and offers wearers a glamorous alternative to the typical functional, high-efficiency timepiece. …More stories like this are available in Quintessentially Asia.