Michael Kors bold delicacy

Most people tend to build their identity around a name they were born with, but a select few are afforded the golden opportunity to choose their own name to build their identity around. Such is the case behind the man Bergdorf Goodman introduced to the world as Michael Kors.

Long before he bore his current name synonymous with his beloved city of New York, Michael Kors was Karl Anderson, Jr., the son of a Jewish mother and Swedish father. Karl adopted the moniker “Michael” at the tender age of 5, when his mother remarried and let him change his first name to go with his newly acquired surname. The simplification and Americanization of his chosen name foreshadows what will become his signature style and design aesthetic: refined simplicity.

The Palm Springs Modern collection perpetuates Kors’ ability to tame and contain boldness and flamboyance in a delicate manner. Kors mutes traditionally loud prints through cut and color. Leopard prints are toned down by loose-fitted cuts, whereas giraffe prints are modified into abstract black and white graphics.

It is this canny ability to embrace trends, experiment with flamboyancy, all the while making a woman look and feel elegant that give Michael Kors the upper hand in the fashion world. No wonder his brand is now one of the fastest growing in China and one of the most talked-about among Shanghai and Beijing’s style set.

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