Hangeul style by Lie Sang Bong


Korean fashion stars Kathleen Kye, Kim Hong Bum, Son Jung Wan, Lie Sang Bong, and Choiboko were among the first talents to shine at New York Fashion week. I especially enjoyed Lie Sang Bong’s intriguing geometric patterns.

Lie takes his influences from the love affair between Napoleon and Josephine, Korean poetry and calligraphy, Cubism, 1930s film noir and the Bauhaus. These inspirations are all apparent in the romantic grandeur and modernist minimalism of his patterns, silhouette and use of a monochromatic palette.

The Concept Korea show was organised by The Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and supported by the Korea Creative Contents Agency with the Korea Research Institute for Fashion Industry.

Korea is serious about getting its designers on the global fashion map and this year all things Korean can ride on the wave of Psy’s mega-Gangnam Style hit. Korean journalists like to compare Lie to Alexander McQueen and the actress Juliette Binoche has worn his dresses, as well as singers Lady Gaga and Rhianna and Korea’s new female president.

He is also an artist with work that has been exhibited in Europe and the US. Lie is a name that has been around for a decade or more among sophisticated fashion aficionados and there’s a sense that this may be his moment. He is a man to watch, and a Korean with a lot more to offer than a dopey dance tune.



第一批在纽约时尚圈崭露头角的韩国时尚设计才俊包括Kathleen Kye、Kim Hong Bum、Son Jung Wan、Lie Sang Bong和Choiboko。我最喜欢的还是Lie Sang Bong。据说,他喜爱从各种历史、艺术中寻求设计灵感,譬如拿破仑和约瑟的恋情、韩国诗歌书法、立体主义、30年代的黑色电影和包豪斯艺术流派都是他的创作素材。他设计的百变几何图案虽色调单一、风格极简,但图案搭配起来流露着浓重的浪漫气息。韩国媒体把其作品与Alexander McQueen的相比,并报道说Lady Gaga、Rhianna、Juliette Binoche和韩国的新任女总统都穿过他设计的服装。

Concept Korea秀由韩国文化、体育和旅游部(The Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)主办,得到了韩国创意内容署(Korea Creative Contents Agency)与韩国时尚产业研究所(Korea Research Institute for Fashion Industry)的支持。不难看出,韩国似乎正在不遗余力地为本国时尚设计师在国际舞台上铺路,而且现在正好适逢其时,韩国的作品都可以搭上神曲《江南Style》的顺风车。