Leave It To the French To Design the First Stylish Smartwatch

The Withings Activité

The Withings Activité

Not long ago, a group of Frenchmen at the health tracking company called Withings took a close look at sporty wearables such as Fitbit and Jawbone – and essentially said:quoi?

“We found that activity trackers were not that wearable,” says Withings’ Parisian CEO Cedric Hutchings. “So we created a smartwatch that can truly be integrated into your wardrobe.”

In Hutchings’ view, it’s ‘le moment’ for fusion between fashion and tech. So, with the help of Swiss watchmakers, Withings created the world’s first luxury smartwatch “Activité” for double the price of most fitness trackers on the market ($390).

The waterproof watch digitally tracks sleep patterns, steps taken, and calories burned, all while connecting to iOS devices, much like Jawbone. But instead of rocking the black snake look, it boasts a light, round face hugged by a soft tan leather strap, apparently shipped from an ‘ancestral’ French tannery. Read more..