Ducati’s motorbikes are geared to fit like a glove

Superstar Tom Cruise is measured for height, weighed for less or extra poundage and forensically studied for changes in preferred driving posture for each of his exacting Vyrus motorcycles, those peerless crosses between hi-tech engineering and sheer sculptural beauty apparently created solely to make strong men weep. From envy, of course, and from accumulated cost: Cruise’s upgrade to the small but perfectly formed lightweight Vyrus 987 came in at over £80,000 what with such extras as 320mm carbon ceramic brakes at £2500 a pop.
“Our motorcycles fit like a tailor made suit and respond to the smallest touch,” says Ascanio Rodorigo, founder and developer of the Vyrus Motor Division. “We’ve found a new way to look at radical chassis design without losing the aesthetic.” Lovingly assembled by hand in Rimini, Italy, and with a top speed of around 250km/h thanks to its Ducati engine, as boy toys go, this outrageous two wheeler borders on the sort of pornographic desirability previously only achieved by the Tron Lightcycle, and that, as we know, is a Hollywood sci-fi fantasy. So far.
Reality has a waiting list. Go here for specs, details about the customised process and how long speed freaks have to suffer before their fit to size masterpiece is throbbing between happy thighs (around three months we’re told).

And, oh, drive safe.

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