As Couture Ends, a Quiet Self-Confidence

GGiorgio Armani Privé couture

Giorgio Armani Privé couture

The winter couture season drew to a close just after Brazil’s dreams of World Cup glory were crushed by Germany and just before everyone found out whether Argentina or the Netherlands would be the victor. People were on the edge of their catwalk benches. Not everything has a happy ending.

Indeed, you’d think the contrast between the most democratic of sports and the most elite of fashion arts, the roar of the crowd and the hush of the salon, might have culminated in some of the usual existential garment-rending and why-are-we-here questioning — Is couture necessary? Don’t you get more life lessons on the field? — but instead a kind of quiet self-confidence has permeated the collections, on the final day as the days before.

They are what they are. Like it or go watch soccer. Better yet: like it AND go watch soccer. They are both a kind of national sport, after all.

Witness Giorgio Armani’s joke backstage pre-show, as he explained his choice of … shorts! They were shown with almost every garment in the opening group of the Privé show, from swingy trapeze jackets to narrow peplumed numbers with gently fluted sleeves. “My clients, no matter what age they are, tend to have nice legs,” he said. “So I thought we should show them off.” Read more..