Ryan Motley at Bespoke Luggage is, in the most literal sense, catering to a niche market. His Montana workshop creates hard and soft suitcases, briefcases, carrying cases, hat boxes, you name it, for the odd and limited boot and seat spaces afforded by sleek, high end sports cars built for visual sensuality as much as intoxicating speed. Nip to here and you’ll discover hand cut, stretched and stitched brown and black leather luggage for the modern Audi R8 (Bespoke are the official suppliers) and frankly romantic yet rigorously functional custom glories for vintage vehicles like the Jaguar E-type.

“We’re about maximising capacity working with complex angles and slopes, but we’re also making heirloom quality sets which fathers will pass down to their sons – and daughters,” Motley explains of his six year old venture. We do find wives commissioning us rather than men, as it’s the ultimate gift for the guy who drives, while being something both partners can share.”

Bespoke Luggage ships worldwide, “although our last order was from a millionaire in Singapore. Actually, our last five big orders were Asian.”

The waiting list is typically eight to ten weeks, sometimes longer if the client wants a particular leather sourced or specific metal work included. Plans, mock-ups and conversation updates take place by phone, pdf and Skype and goods are Fed-Ex’ed.

“Our aim is practical,” Motley says. “But what we really give customers is the old fashioned glamour of the open road, when driving and weekends and holidays away were sexy.”

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