Wheelie Palatial

Let’s be honest. With a basic price tag of £1.9 million (HK$23.3 million/18.9 million RMB), the futuristic 20 tonne, 430 sq ft Marchi Mobile Elemment Palazzo motor home – complete with working fireplace, roof terrace, bar area, under-floor heating, satellite TV and en suite bathroom – will either make you gasp or make you giggle. (Word is it was a gasp from superstar and new mother Beyonce, who’s window shopping for something to carry little baby Blue in for future family holidays with husband Jay-z at the wheel. Perhaps she’ll be swayed by the extra safety element of glow-in-the dark body paint.)

The list of extras that can multiply the hefty price tag are endless with Marchi even offering the option to diamond stud the exterior and interior if you should like. Which would certainly explain why the EP comes fitted with CCTV as well as 519bhp engine: fuel burn is a devastating 13mpg with a top speed of 93mph – if you happen to have a HGV licence, that is. (Has anyone asked Jay-Z?)

“We build to order” says Juliane Ronisch. The Machi Chief Brand Manager is just back from a hugely successful flying visit to the high end testosterone playground that is Dubai’s Big Boys Toys exhibition and if she had ever forgotten that for some men Size Matters, she’s been more than adequately reminded. “We produce a limited, exclusive lot of 5 units per year. We have had tremendous feedback from all around the world with 96 per cent of it positive. What was slightly unexpected and interesting was the diverse range of inquires. Apart from the celebrities and VIPS, we’ve had name politicians, international brands, global companies and retired couples. As I said, interesting. Not just the young lovers of all things car.” Not to mention all things epic.

To hit the road within the next six months – and make the other guy feel deeply inadequate – contact Marchi

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