A Different Complexion, Laszlo

Decades before La Mer, La Prairie and Chantecaille, Erno Laszlo was the most outrageously expensive – and glamorous – skincare out there, the Café Society and Jet Set beauty secret, the choice of Truman Capote’s ‘Society Swans’ (Jackie O swore by her Sea Mud Soap) and the great Hollywood Goddesses. Garbo, Monroe, Gardner, Kelly and both Hepburns all turned to the iconic Hungarian dermatologist’s magic (yet rigorously scientific) potions and lotions and legendary ‘30 splashes’ regime to be flawlessly camera ready 24/7. As Audrey Hepburn confessed, “I owe 50% of my beauty to my mother and the other 50% to Erno Laszlo“ and as Capote positively crowed, “It’s the fountain of youth in a bottle! Gotta be ready for your close up, baby!”

“The Hollywood Collection special edition celebrates the 85th anniversary of our helping the most beautiful women in the world maintain their complexions” says Susan Atefy, Laszlo’s Global Marketing Director. “Marilyn, Grace and Ava all entrusted their faces to Dr Laszlo, a true pioneer. So it seemed fitting to create five new products based on custom formulations taken from the archive and pay homage to its most famous devotees by updating their favourites with the latest skincare technology.”

Packaged in a drop dead obsidian and gold treasure box by design geniuses jkr, the five tailor made goodies are MM’s Morning Beauty Rescue gel, Ava’s Instant Eye Repair, Katharine H’s Intensive Porcelain Veil, a feather-light moisturiser, and Garbo’s richly decadent after dark treatment, Velvet Night Cream.

“It’s a tribute to the classics and also a reward to our loyal customers” Atefy acknowledges, and indeed there’s no one quite as loyal as a Laszlo customer (full disclosure: this writer is a long-standing client).

“We span decades and generations because in a world full of exaggerated claims Erno Laszlo products have kept their promise of a supple, youthful complexion.”

Spill. Who are the most dedicated customers on the map? “The ladies of Hong Kong! Our Asian base is ever expanding – mainland China full distribution comes next –  but we’re always in demand with the smart women of HK. You can tell them in a glance…they look radiant.”

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