Sebastian Knorr of tecArchitecture builds homes for the ages


“We consider ourselves a sort of ‘fusion lab’, a combination of European technologies and design trends with Pacific rim sensibility and ease” says architect Sebastian Knorr of tecARCHITECTURE. Knorr has offices in LA, Switzerland and Hong Kong and 20 years of experience to draw upon.

With partner Cosmpolitan Estates and the Marcel Wanders Studio he is the acknowledged specialist in large scale, utterly individual ecological hitech projects. For the private citizen with imagination, money and a dream of the perfect home created from the foundations up in whatever material and style personal taste dictates Knorr is the man to call.

“A building – a great building – is much more than a variety of sequential rooms that keep you safe from the elements”, the award winning Knorr says. “A custom residence is tailored according to the clients’ priorities, be it function, form, green usage, luxurious desires, etc. Our job is to listen to the clients’ wishes and interpret them, also ensuring that the home will be enjoyed for generations.”

With expansion into China mooted, Knorr admits Asia grasps the tecARCHITCTURE ethos better than some other continents he could mention. “We love working here simply because Asian clients have no trouble understanding the idea of a house detailed from the tile in the swimming pool to the measured swing of a certain door hinge. The thinking, like the life style, is organic.” Despite the steady and growing clamour for its services, Knorr says the company aims to get a first design out within six weeks of initial contact.

“In other cases, the design phase may never stop as the clients get inspired by the process to create tailor made furniture, sunshades etc. I admit that we are not very good in saying no to them…”