Is Pam Hogg living in honeyland?

Pam Hogg lives by her own rules.

Pam Hogg is on my like list because she adores Siouxsie and the Banshees (as do I, having wasted part of my youth with their road manager) and has recorded one of my favourite Siouxsie-style songs of recent years, Honeyland.

Hogg once played in a band that toured with The Pogues (it was called Rubbish), has won countless fashion awards, exhibited art with Yoko Ono and her latest collection at London Fashion Week Fall Winter 2013 shows she has lost none of her punk sensibilities. She remains a designer determined to swim against the tide (and sometimes against logic) but there is no denying the technical mastery that she applies to the vast range of materials in her work, which this year includes, leather, rubber, PVC, neoprene, silk and chiffon.

Although many of her pieces look like a casting call for a Lady Gaga show (Ms. Germanotta is a fan) there are elements of her collection that would be perfect for any woman’s night out on the town, especially if she is Rihanna, Kate Moss or Kelly Rowland, who are huge Hogg fans.

Fashion is best when it aspires to be an art form (anything else is just retail) and allows one designer’s creativity to soar above dollars and cents to create something original. So even if you can never imagine wearing what looks like a large red silk Kleenex holder on your head, put Siouxsie on YouTube, kick back and imagine what it would be like live inside Pam Hogg’s imagination.



Pam Hogg的简历非同寻常。她不仅参加过Rubbish的乐队、与著名朋克乐队Pogues一起巡演,还与大野洋子一起展出过艺术创作。赢得过无数时尚大奖的她在2013秋冬伦敦时装周上推出了最新一系列的作品,朋克触觉不减。多年来Hogg都是一个逆潮流而动(有时是反逻辑)的设计师,但谁也不能否定她对大量材质的掌控之高妙。这次她所用的材质包括皮革、橡胶、聚氯乙烯、氯丁橡胶、丝绸和薄纱。虽然Hogg的作品看起来像专门为Lady Gaga打造的(Gaga是Pam Hogg的忠实粉丝),但 其实很多都适合任何一位女性,尤其是去夜店的时候。蕾哈娜、Kate Moss和Kelly Rowland都在力挺Pam Hogg。

我也喜欢Hogg,因为她和我一样崇拜英国摇滚乐队Siouxsie and the Banshees;而且Hogg近年来录制的一首Siouxsie风格的单曲《Honeyland》更是我的最爱。最好的时尚是一种艺术形式,它允许一个设计师的创意超然于金钱之上,吐露一些原创性的东西。即使你永远无法想象把一个大红色的丝绸纸巾盒顶在头上会是什么感觉,那不妨在YouTube上搜索Siouxsie,通过音乐来感受一下Hogg创意里的大千世界吧。