More Mega-Change in the Retail World: Sarah Rutson Leaves Lane Crawford

Sarah RustonAnother major shake-up is in the works in the world of global department stores: After 21 years, Sarah Rutson, fashion director of Lane Crawford, Asia’s most recognizable luxury emporium, is leaving to “pursue new personal opportunities,” according to an announcement from the store.

Given the importance of the Asian market to European and American brands, and Lane Crawford’s role as a gateway to those consumers, her departure is a pretty big deal, especially because it also comes at a time of great upheaval in the international retail world, and renewed competition for brands, exclusives and footfall.

Ms. Rutson, a Briton who is a longtime favorite of fashion week street-style photographers, has been the public face of the department store in the fashion world, and someone whose personal style served as an important advertisement for her professional home. Read more.