Luxury Service Comes To Mobile Apps: Overcoming The Paradox



Ritz-Carlton Hotels and Resorts’ new mobile app

Ritz-Carlton Hotels And Resorts, has announced that it’s willing to be first out of the gate in mobilizing, so to speak, the luxury experience for its guests.

Ritz-Carlton is rolling out mobile poolside ordering, mobile room service, app-based service requests (replacing that toothbrush you accidentally discarded, the extra washcloth, soaps, shoeshine touch-up you need before dinner), real-time device-agnostic folio review, mobile check-in, mobile check-out, and a nifty little “sharing the experience/sharing the memories” feature. Let’s look at some of these features, as well as how (and if) they fit into the magic trick that is a luxury hotel at its best.

One aspect of the mobile rollout goes in a different direction than you might expect. Rather than being transactionally oriented, it offers a chance to help guests build and share memories.  With Shareable Experiences, Ritz-Carlton guests can modify and enhance their travel photos with digital stamps, titles, and filters (specific to the particular property and geographic location) to create retro travel posters to share via social media or save as digital souvenirs. Read more.