Speaking in signs, language of luxury

Language of Luxury workshop by Daniel Jeffreys

Language of Luxury Workshop by Daniel Jeffreys

Fans of these pages can hear The Fashionable Truth‘s Daniel Jeffreys speak at the Hong Kong Design Institute on May 16, 23 and 30 as he presents the deluxewords three-part series on The Language of Luxury.

The series will explore the way that fashion brands draw on art, literature and music to weave the narratives they use to sell their dreams. The seminars will be derived from the extensive consultancy work that deluxewords has one for leading luxury brands.

In the last two years deluxewords has done major brand building exercises for luxury brands from New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai. In the first seminar, which kicks off at 3pm on Wednesday May 16, Jeffreys will present a session called Speaking in (Silver) Tongues.

“Luxury brands are story tellers,” he says. “Fashion and luxury brands invest millions in building their unique narratives, with the help of designers, stylists, artists and photographers. This session will break down the basic vocabulary of brand story telling, revealing how brands develop their tone of voice and what happens when they get it wrong.”

The second session (Hidden Meanings) on May 23 will explore the secret story telling techniques used by some of the world’s most famous brands and the final session, on May 30 (The East Rises) will draw on the most recent and groundbreaking research by deluxewords that suggests the narratives used by leading European brands in China are beginning to lose their power, paving the way for a fresh narrative in China that will usher in a new era of indigenous Chinese luxury and fashion.

All the sessions will be at the Hong Kong Design Institute on Design Boulevard in the Experience Centre, C002.