China has an astonishingly diverse food culture but it can take courage to try a new restaurant where the rice might be like sand and the noodles like water. And sometimes even a favourite eatery may disappoint because the star chef has unexpectedly left, ruining your day or making you look foolish in front of friends who trusted you to pick a good restaurant.
There is a new Chinese restaurant in Beijing that can protect you from these dangers – Jing Yaa Tang at the Opposite House. The restaurant is under the supervision of experienced restaurant tycoon Alan Yau whose Chinese and Japanese dishes have been awarded Michelin stars and are well known throughout the gourmet world.
The restaurant’s location is almost a guarantee of good taste. Located in the richest and most modern area of the capital, yet discreetly hidden in a forest of luxury brand stores, The Opposite House, just like her Hong Kong sister The Upper House, is one of the most coveted luxury hotel destinations in Asia with strikingly simple natural wooden floors and subtle touches of Chinese décor.
Jing Yaa Tang echos The Opposite House’s simplicity with a contemporary Chinoiserie theatrical style executed in a palate of dark lacquer, plum and burnt orange. The interior opens into a central social dining space or “Tang”, taken from the literal Chinese translation of hall. Elevated dining viewing platforms run parallel on each side of the central area with intimate private dining booths positioned in each corner.
The restaurant offers a selection of Beijing roast duck dishes that are simply prepared and expertly executed. The menu also extends to Chinese regional favourites such as authentic Kung Pao Chicken and Dandan Nodle. Jing Yaa Tang selects the best ingredients sourced in the region, a practice that guarantees a privileged dining experience.

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