Higher Calling, Hoverit

A source tells me in absolute confidence – which is why I’m telling you – that a certain billionaire media mogul recently in the news has Hoverit floating loungers and beds in every one of his many, many far-flung homes. “I think defying gravity makes him feel like a God,” laughs the source. Pause. Eye roll. “I mean even more like a God.”

One glance at the Hoverit and one understands the appeal. British designed, precision engineered and built by hand in clear acrylic (colour is available at extra charge), Keith Dixon’s uber stylish 2m x Im x 1m invention accomplishes that lost in space feeling by housing repelling magnets in the lounger itself and in its base. Sounds simple. It isn’t. As Dixon says, “I was actually working on a huge international project to make a magnetic ground plate so people could glide over the surface and when I got that working – it took a couple of years – I realised if I figured out the maths not for thousands but down to one individual I could suspend a person in the clouds, so to speak. So I drew the lounger, it didn’t go beyond a second drawing before I made a 4 inches model which worked.”

Both the loungers and beds take from six to nine weeks to mould, measure, cut and assemble from initial order (it takes a full seven days just to bend the weight bearing magnets). All come with limited edition certification, serial number and a health and safety user guide: no parachuting, bungee jumping, that sort of thing. Dixon who is currently filling orders from China –  “The Asian market understands and appreciates our futuristic edge “ – can customise this miracle of technical expertise and sublime comfort for the hardcore client who might fancy flaming angel wings or chariot wheels.

No, sorry, I made that last bit up. But the fantasy is tempting, isn’t it?

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