Giambattista Valli unveils new line Giamba

I know what you’re thinking: “If I were 17 feet tall and a rich Italian socialite, I might just rush out and buy Giambatista Valli’s entire collection. But I’m not, so I won’t”.

That, my friend, is just so old fashioned. For one thing, Valli (or Giamba to his friends, hence the name of this brand new collection) is one of those nice designers who doesn’t think every female has to be a size 0 fag-hag to have any serious worth. “If you have ze big legs and you feel comfortable in a mini skirt, then great,” he told once concerned journalist back-stage after his show. “On the other hand, there are plenty of maxis in the collection”. True, but they were sheer. Perhaps they’ll come with linings. In the meantime, Valli styled everything over white dotty tights – not a forgiving option, but a striking one. Some of the shorter looks were also sheer: it might be tempting to wear the ruffle fronted white organza smocks as shirts. Read more.